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Process Engineer

Process Engineer

Job purpose

  • Build up and standardize the manufacturing (CNC Machining) process 建立和规范制造(数控机加工)工艺
  • Provide technical support on daily production operation 为生产提供技术支持
  • Solving the problem regarding Machining process and related quality issues 解决机加工工艺问题及相关质量问题
  • Implement lean transformation, continuously improve production efficiency实施精益改造,不断提高生产效率

Areas of responsibility

Compliance and adherence to, at all times, applicable laws and regulations (norms) and internal Group and local and policies – particularly: 在在任何时候,都要遵守适用的法律法规(规范)和内部集团和地方和政策,特别是:

  • ISO 13485
  • FDA 820 部分质量管理系统
  • ISO 14001
  • Laws and regulations within China and those applicable to Elos Medtech Tianjin’s operations 中国的和适用于医乐世的法律法规
  • Elos Medtech Group’s Quality and Environmental Policies 医乐世集团的质量和环境方针
  • Elos Medtech Group Values and Our Ways 医乐世集团的价值观
  • Others as it is applicable 其他适用的

Job Function工作职能

  • Establish manufacturing (CNC Machine program such as 5 axis mill and Swiss turn) process, develop and improve the process. 建立制造(数控机床纵切的加工程序)工艺,开发和改善工艺。
  • Be responsible for Fixture & Jig designing,purchasing and maintenance,risk evaluation for process change of new tooling/equipment. 负责工装夹具设计,采购和维护,新工具/设备工艺变更风险评估。
  • Develop, maintain and improve manufacturing documents, such as PFMEA,Procedure,SOP,WI. 开发、维护和改进生产文件例如风险评估、流程文件、操作指导书等。
  • Train shift leaders and operators for procedures, SOP and WI. 对领班及操作工进行流程文件、操作指导书的培训。
  • Provide technical support and training about Machining process. 为机加工工艺提供技术支持和培训。
  • Handle daily deviation and lead process problem solving and root cause analysis,ensure corrective and preventive actions are taken and effective. 处理日常偏差,领导生产过程中的问题的解决和根本原因分析,确保纠正和预防措施及时、正确、有效。
  • Support on customer complains handling and provide technical support in regards to process problem solving and root cause analysis. 支持客户投诉处理,并提供技术方面的支持,推进问题的解决和根本原因分析。
  • Participate in NPI project as Manufacturing technical expert,design and plan machining lay-out. 作为制造技术的专家,参与新产品引入项目,并设计和规划生产线不布局。
  • Participate and drive on lean transformation, continuously optimize manufacturing process. 参与并推进精益变革,不断优化生产过程。
  • Assist on production equipment maintenance and upkeep. 协助生产设备的维护和保养。
  • Implement process continuous improvement project for cost reduction and productivity increasing and quality increasing. 实施流程持续改进项目以降低成本,提高生产率,提高质量。
  • Promote and improve workshop 5S management. 改进和提升车间5S管理。
  • Follow close to the line of relevant quality, environment and safety policy. 严格遵守质量、环境和安全相关政策。


  • Bachelor degree or above, manufacturing or mechanic relevant major. 本科或以上学历,制造或机械相关专业
  • 5 years and above experience in related area of manufacturing factory with solid theoretical knowledge and practical experience & skill. 5年以上制造业相关领域工作经验,扎实的理论知识和实践经验和技能
  • CNC machining working experience is must, including manually programming for CNC turning& UG software programming for 5 axis milling machine (FANUC or Siemens). 具备数控加工的工作经验,包括使用纵切的手动编程,具有五轴加工中心编程经验优先。
  • Be familiar with mechanical parts measurement technique, can choose proper tools and methodology. 熟悉机械零件测量技术,能够选择合适的工具和方法
  • Quality management capability and quality awareness is required. 具备质量管理能力和质量意识
  • AutoCAD skill required, UG modeling skill is preferred. 要求具备AutoCAD技能,UG建模能力者优先考虑
  • Experience in foreign investment enterprise is preferable. 有外资企业工作经验者优先
  • Medical device background is preferable. 医疗器械背景优先
  • CET4, good English capability in listening, speaking and written. 英语4级,具备良好的英语听说读写能力
  • 5S and lean experience is preferable. 5S和精益生产经验者优先
  • Good teamwork spirit, passion, trustworthy, result-oriented, detail oriented and able to work under pressure. 良好的团队合作精神,热情,值得信赖,以结果为导向,注重细节,能够在压力下工作

If this sounds like you and you feel you have what it takes to succeed in this role - please apply below with CV and cover letter. Welcome with your application!

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You become part of an established company that offers products of the best quality. Our company culture is based on a set of strong core values: Passionate, Trustworthy, Result-oriented, Together. These values guide us in our day-to-day business and create unity across our global sites. The core values shape how we interact with each other, with our customers and with society. We live by our core values.

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Engineering - Tianjin

Process Engineer